The Mission of CEOs Against Stigma

This year, one in five workers will experience some form of mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. Many won’t seek treatment because of stigma. Others won’t know where to turn. Either way, these employees will suffer in silence.  And that silence is costly.

In November 2018, the Staunton Farm Foundation awarded NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania a three-year grant to launch the CEOs Against Stigma campaign with the goal of changing workplace culture by addressing mental health policies, access to treatment, and stigma.

Stigma remains one of the biggest barriers for people seeking treatment for a mental health concern. In fact, eight out of 10 workers with a mental health condition say it has prevented them from seeking help. While many companies have anti-discrimination policies in place, the stigma surrounding mental illness persists. But it doesn’t have to.

The Program

CEOs Against Stigma is designed to educate executive leaders on the impact mental illness has on the workplace and assist them in developing policies and practices that prioritize mental health and reduce stigma.

The Method

The program provides CEOs with an action plan that has tools to improve the way their company views mental illness and responds to the mental health needs of employees and their families. Executive teams also gain access to additional resources, webinars, and presentations.

The Tools

The online toolkit includes best practices, policy templates, implementation timelines, employee engagement strategies, assessment tools, and more. 


For additional questions about the CEOs Against Stigma program, contact Maria Kakay, Director of Communications and Marketing at NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania, by email at or by phone at 412-366-3788.

The studies have found that when depression is adequately treated, companies reduce job-related accidents, sick days, and employee turnover, as well as improve the number of hours worked and employee productivity. 
Harvard Medical School


Change starts at the top. By joining this initiative, CEOs are pledging to:

EDUCATE themselves and their staff about mental illness and best practices in the workplace.

ENACT policies that offer resources and treatment for employees who are dealing with a mental health condition or who have family members with a mental health concern.

ENCOURAGE a stigma-free environment where bias, discrimination, or harmful language isn’t tolerated.

ENGAGE the community in an open discussion about the importance of prioritizing mental health in the workplace by becoming an ambassador for the CEOs Against Stigma program.

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