Meet the CEOs

NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania is honored to have the following CEOs Against Stigma on our team. The CEOs of these distinguished workplaces have taken the pledge to promote a stigma-free work environment. By signing on to be a CEO Against Stigma, they are setting an example and becoming a leader in their industry, community, and across the Commonwealth – proving that change truly starts at the top.

“I call out to all other CEOs throughout this city whether you have five employees or 5,000 to sign this pledge with me to join with me and to assure your employees are being given the resources they need and that they deserve when we deal with mental health.  Our goal is to take this far beyond the walls of City Hall and to hear it and see it all throughout the city of Pittsburgh.”

Mayor Bill Peduto – City of Pittsburgh

“Isn’t it interesting that for centuries society has focused on physical well being…and yet proverbs and clichés have existed for at least that long about “mind over matter”…which ultimately suggests that good mental health is the most important thing of all. The workplace is a great place to focus energy, attention and care relative to mental health and well being. And NAMI is helping to push that agenda forward.”

Scott Morgan President & Partner / Brunner

“A workplace that meets people where they are and provides the right type and kind of support is more likely to find success. There is nothing more important than the well-being of people.”

Russell Livingston – President & CEO / Babb Inc.

“I don’t think you can be a truly responsible CEO and ignore the healthcare needs of your employees and their families. Our Leadership Team is passionately committed to continually improving our ability to educate and empower our employees to make mental health an ongoing part of our healthcare dialogue. We feel it is in open, non-judgmental dialogue that we can eliminate the ridiculous stigmas and inaccurate assumptions present in our society at large.”

Mike Weber – General Manager / ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.

“George Junior Republic is excited to participate in the CEOs Against Stigma campaign.  The organization looks forward to providing our workforce of over 700 staff (working across multiple states) with the mental health education and supports needed in order to decrease stigma and increase worker productivity at work, home, and in the community.”

Nathan Gressel – CEO / George Junior Republic

“The core value of Achieving True Self (ATS) is ‘people matter – a concept so simply stated, yet powerfully embraced.’ We are committed to providing and promoting healthy organizational culture and balance. We are unquestionably committed to the health and wellness of our valued team members – our ATS family – just as much as those individuals and families across communities we are fortunate to serve. We are not afraid of difficult conversations and we will not to give in to stigma. Let’s change the dialogue, and the world, together.”

Rick Murray – President & CEO / Achieving True Self

“The mission of our organization is to help build a community free of stigma where individuals with mental health challenges work together toward recovery of mind, body, and spirit. It is validating for me to see the community making a commitment to reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges. I would like to express my appreciation to NAMI Keystone PA for tackling this important issue.”

Kathleen Ganley – Executive Director / Peer Support and Advocacy Network


If you are interested in becoming a CEO Against Stigma, request more information.