By becoming a CEO Against Stigma, executives will engage in a process that ensures their company is on the right track to support workers, reduce stigma, and boost morale, productivity, and the overall bottom line.

Employee well-being is a critical component of a successful corporate environment. And well-being programs go beyond perks. Thoughtful policies that address mental and physical health, and provide support and resources for employees, can have a measurable impact on increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism, and creating a workplace where employees are healthier and happier.


By partnering with NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania, leaders will be provided with a six-step toolkit that companies can customize to fit their needs and the needs of their employees. 

Before CEOs can unlock the toolkit, they must sign the CEO Pledge.  The pledge signifies a commitment to making mental health a priority in the workplace. There is no fee to participate in the CEOs Against Stigma program. After signing the pledge, CEOS will create a username and password to launch the toolkit.


Step 1: Orientation

Schedule a program overview between company executives and NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania team members.

Step 2: Team Meeting

Your leadership team creates a vision for the company.

Step 3: Assess Existing Employee Benefits & Resources

Do you have an Employee Assistance Program?  How often is it used? Do you offer other resources to enhance overall well-being?

Step 4: Evaluate Employee Wellness Policy

Do you have a wellness policy?  Is mental health included? Do managers receive training about responding to policy inquiries?

Step 5: Review Current People Data

What do you know about employee turnover rates, sick requests, leaves of absences? What can these numbers tell you?

Step 6: Program Launch 

Create an internal and external communications plan to unveil your participation in the CEOs Against Stigma program.

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An Employee Assistance Program is an employer-sponsored service designed to assist employees in getting help for personal or family problems including mental health, substance use, addiction, marital problems, parenting problems, emotional problems, or financial or legal concerns.