Coronavirus and the Workplace

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and the mitigation efforts put in place, workplaces of all sizes were forced to adapt and leaders were faced with difficult decisions. Whether employees are working remotely or still going into the workplace, they are dealing with a lot of changes and uncertainty which can lead to stress and anxiety. NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania is compiling resources for executives so they can help guide their employees during these unprecedented times.

A Top Priority: Employee Mental Health & Well-Being During & Beyond COVID-19 by the Center for Workplace Mental Health

COVID-19: Mental Health and Well-Being by the Center for Workplace Mental Health

Ready Pittsburgh Toolkit by the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

6 Leadership Tips for the COVID-19 Crisis by PRSA

Pittsburgh Region Response to COVID-19  by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development

Working Remotely During COVID-19 Guide by the Center for Workplace Mental Health

Working from Home: Managing Your Mental Health by NAMI

Videos and Webinars

CEOs Against Stigma Program Ambassador Christie Cawley sat down with Russell Livingston, President and CEO of Babb, Inc., to talk about elevating mental health in the workplace. Mr. Livingston was one of the first CEOs to sign on to the program, and in this conversation, they discuss why executives may be hesitant when it comes to talking about mental health and how implementing a process is an important first step.

The pandemic has made many employees more aware of the stressors in their life. While some stress is normal, too much can lead to anxiety, which can sometimes become a serious mental health condition. In this webinar, learn how to recognize the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and the impact they’re having on people at work and at home.

Featuring: NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania CEO Christine Michaels and CEOs Against Stigma Program Ambassador Christie Cawley

Since the pandemic hit, work-from-home employees have been putting in longer hours, and it’s taking a toll. Learn more about the impact this is having on employee mental health – and productivity – and how employers can better support a work/life balance.

Featuring: NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania CEO Christine Michaels and CEOs Against Stigma Program Ambassador Christie Cawley

Making Headlines

Mayor Gainey Signs the Pledge

On May 25, 2022, Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey signed the CEOs Against Stigma Pledge as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. The ceremony was held in the City-County Building in Pittsburgh. Mayor Gainey was joined by NAMI Keystone PA CEO Christine Michaels; Joni Schwager, Executive Director of the Staunton Farm Foundation; as well as members of the Mayor’s staff and other mental health advocates. The Staunton Farm Foundation is providing funding for the program.

Our Region’s Business

In June 2019, the CEOs Against Stigma initiative was featured on Our Region’s Business with Bill Flanagan. NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania CEO Christine Michaels appeared on the show with Bill Schlagel from Ernst & Young, a company with a robust employee wellness program. The program aired on June 23, 2019, at 11 a.m. on WPXI-TV.

Kickoff Breakfast

In recognition of Mental Health Month in May, NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania officially launched the CEOs Against Stigma project with a kickoff breakfast at the Duquesne Club in downtown Pittsburgh on May 7, 2019. CEOs and other executives from nearly 40 companies attended.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries about the CEOs Against Stigma program, contact Maria Kakay, Director of Communications and Marketing at NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania, by email at or by phone at 412-366-3788.

If you are interested in becoming a CEO Against Stigma, request more information.